How to Setup a Virtual Office – Work Anywhere in the World

If you’re a mobile worker traveling the world while running an online business, or a maybe you just want a more efficient way to work in your own city, then you need to take advantage of all the resources you have available to you regarding setting up a virtual office. No need to pay a mortgage or rent for expensive office space and equipment. All you need is a nice laptop and some free download-able software.

Invest in a Great Laptop 오피

The first thing you need is a nice laptop. Since this will be where you perform the majority of your work, you need a nice one. Spend you money on a solid processor, extended battery, and upgrades in RAM. Look for good connectivity as well (i.e. plenty of USB ports). And consider investing in a nice power cord converter for the different foreign countries you’ll be visiting.

Utilize Free Wifi Hot Spots

Working from your home away from home can have it’s distraction. Especially if you are in a hotel or hostel. You need to get as far away from a TV or kitchen table as possible. That’s why it’s important to find a quiet place to work that has free wifi. Yes, you can find free office space. You can utilize free online wi-fi hot spot websites to help you locate the nearest, free place to work. There are also “virtual office” rentals that can be fairly inexpensive at the monthly rates.

Install Free Office Software

Lastly, you’ll want to load you laptop up with plenty of free software services so that you can conduct your business properly without spending a bunch of money upfront. My rules is always to pay for great hardware, but use free software. There are a number of free and open source programs out there that can help you run your business. Here are a few: